What is Roof Maintenance? Simply put it is taking care of your roof so that the roof lasts for its intended lifetime. Even a new roof needs to be looked at, at least once per year. The best flat roofing maintenance program is inspecting the roof semi-annually and after any major event.

Things that are addressed during a annual/semi annual inspection would include:

  • The field of the roof. Check for signs of hail damage, de-lamination, or excessive traffic.
  • Seams. Seams will be visually inspected to look for defects.
  • Penetrations. Any thing that penetrated the roof surface including plumbing vents and HVAC units
  • Drainage. Make sure the drains are free flowing and drain basket is free from debris.
  • Flashings. Inspect wall flashing and metal flashings for defects.

These are just a few of the items on our 75 point inspection.

Pipe flashing on a metal roof that is not sealed. Repair consists of installing stainless steel clamping ring and the appropriate caulking.

Roof Maintenance starts with inspecting the interior of the building for evidence of leaks. In this case the wall flashing was in poor condition and allowed water in along the entire length of the wall.

This TPO roof was damaged during the installation of a sign. The owner cleaned the roof and installed a small amount of duct tape until we could make permanent repairs.

This is an aged TPO roof. The top layer of the membrane has eroded away showing the reinforcement below. In this case the entire roof needed replacement.

Debris clogging the roof drain

What is are Roof Coatings and how can they extend the life of your roof? Roof Coating come in many shapes and sizes. They are intended to extend the life of your roof. The weak areas of the roof are targeted for reinforcement and then a coating system is applied over the roof. Typical extended warranties can range from 10-20 years. A typical metal roof. The seams are reinforced with a butyl tape. Side laps and end laps are typical areas of concern for metal roofs. A base coat is applied over the entire surface of the roof. After the base coat is applied a white top coat is applied. An old EPDM “rubber” roof that has had the seams reinforced with fabric and coating. Application of top coat on an aged EPDM roof.