Odds are good that at some point in time your Flat Roof is going to leak. We can repair all magor roofing systems in the market today and with our extensive knowledge can help you get any remaining life out of your old system. We offer Emergency Roof Repair Services.

A picture of an EPDM roof with a seam failure

On this EPDM roof the membrane is aged to the point it has split right at the seam.

This old PVC roof was damaged during a recent hail storm. The blue tape marks where the hail contacted the roof and damaged the membrane

This roof is covered with debris. Debris on a roof can shorten the life span because it doesn’t allow water to flow properly to the drains or gutter.

If your Flat Roof is leaking we can repair it. Flat roofs are designed to be water tight that means that they are much more difficult to keep leak free than a standard sloped house roof. We specialize in finding the problem that is causing the leaks and fixing it as quickly as possible. Leaks can be caused by excessive movement in the building, damage done by vandals and the roof aging beyond its service life.

This roof was damaged when a cover off of an HVAC unit blew across the roof during a wind storm

A cable technician decided to drill holes in this roof to install new cable lines.

The seam failed on this TPO roof. If found early enough these problems can be fixed before it compromises the entire roofing system.

Wet ceiling tiles are just the start of this large flat roof leak.